07/17/2014 - New Split Vinyl
The band has released a new split 7 inch vinyl with Oakland
based powervioence band VIOLENT OPPOSITION via Subgenre Records.
Go to the merchandise section to get a copy now. Limited to 100 copies..
Also more shows announced in the "shows" section

12/6/2013 - The Brutal Alliance Tour
If the South West of the USA needed a reason to
 be excited next spring then this is it! LA based
 death metal band The Opaque and Texan death
 dealers Abolishment of Flesh will join forces
 with Californian brutal death bringers Embryonic Devourment
 for two weeks of gore fueled mayhem across the US
South-Western states, starting on Friday 18th April
in San Francisco and terminating in Sandiego on 3rd May.

10/8/2013 - Preview new track
The band has finished recording their latest release entitled "REPTILIAN AGENDA" and will be out on Deepsend Records sometime before Christmas 2013. With their 3rd installment and 10 plus years under their belt, the band is better than ever. Forging elements of techinicality , groove , and structure a more dynamic Embryonic Devourment has risen.  A preview track "Sealed With Resin" can be heard
Also a new show added for Nov. 1st in Richmond, Ca. - See " Shows "

7/23/13 - Sacramento, Ca. date added
SEPT. 27th - w/ Plague Widow and more @ The Colony - Sacramento, CA.
See shows...

7/07/13 - Download E.D. albums in digital format via BAND CAMP
Both releases "VIVID INTERPRETATIONS OF THE VOID" and "FEAR OF REALITY EXCEEDS FANTASY" can be downloaded or streamed via band camp at www.embryonicdevourment.bandcamp.com

6/22/13 - More shows and new vocalist added
The band would like to officially announce that HUNTER PETERSON has been added on vocals. Previous vocalist Austin Spence will now be focusing solely on bass duties in the band,  This is a move that Austin had wanted for a long time but was waiting for the right person to come along.  Hunter has a dynamic stage performance and a wide range of ability that the band feels will be a great addition... Welcome aboard Hunter!

JULY 18TH - w/ Six Feet Under - Chico, Ca.
SEPT. 16TH w/ Insidious Decrepancy - Oakland, Ca.
SEPT. 28TH w/ Possessed - Oakland, Ca.

*See Shows for Flyers and Venues*

6/9/13 - Recording Update and upcoming shows
The band is nearing the completion of their newest recording! After a lot of hard work , numerous pre production demos, and studio relocating, the band finally settled on Recording the final guitars, drums, as well as the mixing / mastering with Colin Davis at Shadow works and Imperial Mastering Studios. Austin Spence (bassist / vocalist) adds "Colin Davis has created a world class studio that has recorded some of the best sounding death metal releases to date. Its only natural that we would come to Colin to get the job done right and that's exactly what he is presenting in the finished product. We are truly honored and excited to be working with such a huge force in the death metal community".

The band will also be headlining the California Bay Area Death Fest on July 5th 2013. Check out the "shows" section for the flyer. We hope to see you all there ready to mosh!!

3/20/13 - Updates
The band played a killer set last month alongside ASESINO and swiftly entered the studio to begin recording their new release aptly titled "REPTILIPHILIAC". "So far the recording process has been great and fans can expect to hear a couple sample tracks within the next coming weeks" states bassist/frontman Austin Spence. The band has also added 3 california dates for April 2013 - Check out the flyers on the SHOWS page.  Embryonic Devourment can also now be found on Pandora Radio and Spotify. Add their station to your Pandora radio station list now!

12/11/12 - Recording New Material Soon
The band will be entering the studio around late January 2013
to begin tracking 8 brand new songs. The band is very excited and feel that they have created their best material yet. Bassist/Vocalist Austin Spence says "this album will be our most diverse yet ranging in slow groovy tempos all the way to hyper speed tech blasting while maintaining a professional balance of song structure and dynamics. After 10 years of being in this band i can finally say that i am completely confident and proud of this particular batch of songs". Stay Tuned!

06/25/12 - Confirmed to co headline w/ DEATH ANGEL
The band has confirmed that they will be co headlining for the mighty DEATH ANGEL Sept. 1st at the first annual Redwood Metal Fest in Redway, Ca. Go to our shows page for more info...

06/24/12 - Eight dates worth remembering from 2012...thus far
Embryonic Devourment played 7 west coast tour dates w / ORIGIN, DECREPIT BIRTH, CATTLE DECAPITATION, ABORTED, and more as part of the OCCUPATION DOMINATION TOUR.  It was a total success and the band was more than honored to be a part of such an extreme line up. The band also played a killer show with Dying Fetus and Six Feet Under to a packed house.in Oakland, Ca.

11/12/2015 - Shows Added
California dates added for Nov. and Dec. to the shows page

02/25/2015 - Merch Section updated
The band ​​has released a couple new tshirt designs as well as some new back patches available in the MERCHANDISE section. 

* The band has scheduled a couple shows for April / May 2015 - Check the SHOWS section. ​​

08/20/2014 - "Reptilian Agenda" Cassette Tapes
Subgenre Records has released a limited pressing of Embryonic Devourment's latest release "Reptilian Agenda" on Cassette Tape ! This rare gem is limited to 100 copies so get yours while supplies last. If you see it in our "MERCHANDISE" section then it is still available!

1/6/2016 - Winter Tour Dates Announced - 2016
The band has announced tour dates for the whole west coast region of the USA. Joining forces with THE NOCTAMBULANT for the first leg of the tour and then with GRAVESPELL for another leg. During the tour the band will also co headline a show alongside the mighty NILE and also a mention able date with DEFEATED SANITY (Germany) , INIQUITOUS DEEDS, and INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY (Scotland)   Be sure to check out the Shows section for a complete list...   Special Thanks to ADHD ENT. for helping to put this together!

10/04/2016 - Shows added
The band has added a few dates including a show with CATTLE DECAPITATION. Be sure to check out the SHOWS section.

The band will also take part on a PESTILENCE Tribute CD courtesy of MAGIK ARTS ENTERTAINMENT. The band will do the song "Changing Perspectives" and is currently working towards recording it.

09/24/2016 - Austin Spence and Hunter Petersen meet DAVID ICKE

 The originator of the Reptilian Conspiracy concept and writer for such books as "The Biggest Secret" and "ROBOTS REBELLION" among others. For the past 15 years the band has based its lyrical theme on David Icke's theories and ideals about a Reptilian Race that has enslaved humanity since ancient times; and to this day manipulates the world power structures and leaders through an elite bloodline of round table free masons.  Through a radio interview for a podcast called Illogical contraption Icke was made aware of the bands existence and subsequently gave the band free tickets to his lecture in San Francisco and invited the guys backstage to hang out and trade thoughts. A truly pivotal moment for the band 

- Netherlands Deathfest

The band has been added to THE NETHERLANDS DEATH FEST 2017 and will also be playing an upcoming date in August 2016. Check out the SHOWS section for more details...
02/03/2017 - New Merch Items added
New "all over" shirt design  - Check out the Merchandise Page and order now


10/04/2016 - Shows added
The band is pleased to announce European tour dates with legendary 25 year Death Metal veterans MALIGNANCY ! The tour will start Feb. 17 and end Mar. 5th at The Netherlands Deathfest ! Check out the shows page for venues and dates!

9/7/19 - Well its been sometime since our last band update to this website but the band is pleased to announce that we will be using this official page more often to post news, merch, songs, shows, etc. That being said we'd also like to let everyone know that we are alive and still pushing forward with the band, writing new material, playing shows, and developing our style even further into the abyss of musical possibilities. The band has parted ways with Adam Weber as he carries onward with his new position in the band INFEX and moves to a more thrash oriented world. Austin Spence has since stepped up to the plate, switching instruments from Bass to guitar (along with vocal duties) and writing the bulk of the material with drummer Luke Boutiette. Luke and Austin are proud to announce that there are 7 new songs written and are still working on more material for a new release scheduled for sometime next year tentatively. With their contract finished for a 3 album deal with Deepsend Records the band is now free again to start with a fresh plate and are open to all options and ideas for the future. Here's a video from a recent rehearsal of a drum and guitar play through for a new song. Also, be sure to check out the SHOWS page for upcoming dates​ - Enjoy!